Recruitment Services


We at HABS provide recruitment services to organisations by offering high quality healthcare manpower on permanent, temporary & contractual basis in order to provide best outcomes in the recruitment & employment in Health & Social Care, Nursing and Allied Health Care sectors.

HABS recruitment is a collaborative team of experts with years of experience in providing comprehensive support to the companies, institutions and other units in both public & private sectors. We bring the best suitable candidate to you by our commitment to:

  • Reduce the time for sourcing candidates for recruitment;
  • Improve the efficiency of the recruitment and placement processes; and
  • Reduce the clutter of unqualified candidates that enter the recruitment pipeline by providing re-screening and pre-screening facilities
  • Provide continuous support towards professional development via our training systems, regular supervision and annual appraisals.

Our recruitment team specialists have extensive experience in the fields they serve, thus our partnership ethos is well beyond traditional client relationship management. We know that every firm has different requirements while they are in a process to hire staff. Therefore, We at HABS regularly follow the performance of our professionals through feedback of our clients through the active participation of your line management. Subsequently, we provide a dedicated point of contact that ensures the smooth continuity of your business by responding to your needs swiftly and professionally.


HABS is a nationwide provider of a variety of healthcare staffing roles including;

Senior Health care workers                         Personal care Assistant

Staff Nurses                                                 Night Siting Staff

Support Workers                                        Care Team Leaders

HABS keeps an excellent track record of healthcare and nursing staff from both national and international candidates. In this process we involve a team of multilingual consultants regularly, meeting & interviewing the candidates and at same time marketing our UK clients to help them being recruited at the best suitable organisation.


HABS brings a fresh approach to the health care recruitment by an excellent amalgamation of sustainability and opportunity to the eligible candidates who are passionate enough to pursue a thriving career.

We work in collaboration with leading health care organisations, offer competitive wages, excellent career prospects and above all our main goal is your job satisfaction. Additionally, we provide required training for the role that sets us apart from other recruitment agencies.


HABS Recruitment is a dynamic and transparent recruitment agency focused on facilitating both employees and employers. To remain updated with the latest job opportunities keep visiting our website as we always advertise the job vacancies on our portal and other job boards as well. You can apply online or give us a ring to discuss the role in more details.


Minimum one year experience in Healthcare, relevant qualifications, training or experience, right to work in the UK, proof of address, proof of ID – valid passport, up to date Inoculations and current updated Police Record Checks ensures your eligibility in the highest paid organisations. Do not delay further and get yourself registered today. Your success is just a step ahead in the HABS office.