Public Relation

At HABS our team members are passionate about influencing and creating an understanding with our target audiences. HABS is results-focused and ensures that it understands the issues within the work field, providing publicity, media relations, and broader PR support: offline, online, and face to face. We recommend the most effective PR strategies to achieve results and help meet our client’s objectives.

To achieve our targeted goals we work closely with in-house teams to ensure that public relation officials support all other efforts and provide consistent messages that correlate with your other marketing activities. HABS understands that building good PR isn’t just about gaining media coverage but it’s about targeting the audience our clients wish to communicate with in an appropriate way.  WE also help our clients in identifying the key stakeholders.  And most of the times we first become good listeners and listen to what our clients expect from us, than we suggest them good PR strategy whether that’s through seminars, round table discussions, conferences, focus groups, or experiential activities. We support our client’s communication needs ranging from strategic planning to tactical campaigns both externally and internally.