Marketing/Business Plan preparation

In today’s very competitive market place we provide you a strategy that ensures a consistent approach to our clients to outsell their product or service. We assist our clients in following regimes to excel in their business.

  • In describing their target market& its characteristics alongside size of each market segment; reviewing key market trends.
  • HABS helps them in researching customer preferences. Such as product features, quality, and image or customer service.
  • In comparing the variety of distribution channels for reaching customers (eg direct sales, online or through retailers).
  • We Profile our client’s competitors and analyse what they’re offering.
  • We carry out a SWOT analysis to identify other key factors influencing our client’s business
  • We help our clients to review the effectiveness of their previous marketing initiatives.
  • We assess the profitability and sales potential of different customers & market segments.
  • We help clients to set specific objectives in retaining existing customers, increasing order size or selling new products in order to win new customers.

We help them in pricing strategy and direct them to distribution channels.