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about us
Who we are!
About HABS
For Your Business Success

HABS is made up of a team of Marketing, IT & Recruitment experts, whose expertise ranges across a number of fields. This includes experience in B2C and B2B, so no matter your industry, we’ve got you covered.

HABS is a Bedfordshire based Business firm that assists in a comprehensive range of business services to include: marketing & recruitment.

HABS is currently working with both medium and small business organisations in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire & London. We operate independently in a continuously evolving environment & believe in quality, cost effectiveness and proactive approach while offering solution oriented services to our valuable clients.

We understand key issues that our clients face. Therefore, we collaborate innovatively with both, our clients by understanding their requirements, helping them show an effective presence in the ‘job market” and also help organisations to access top talent for placement roles. Our contingent & low risk approach is exceptionally reactive to the needs of many sectors in the business industry.

Our business relationships are based on trust & mutual respect and we believe in delivering service excellence that develops over the time by gasping the key challenges faced by our industry.

How We Help For Your Business Growth ?
Allied Health
Care Services.
Web Solutions

We serve you by providing.

  • Value for your money.
  • An honest direct approach to understand requirement of our clients.
  • Innovative, collaborative and reliable solutions to our clients.
  • A flexible & negotiable solution oriented approach to each client.
  • We source talented individuals, assess them, screen them & fulfil their requirement.
  • Access to talented candidates through word of mouth and net working.
  • Added value consultancy services to support long term retention benefits in the recruitment practice.

Business Growth isn’t a one trick pony. That’s why we offer a whole range of business services. Our service ethos is focused on client needs and candidates aspiration. Through our collaborative approach we appreciate talented candidates to engage effectively from the day one of hire. Whilst, acting as an ambassador to our business client, we ensure that the hired candidate will experience a positively stimulated journey.

Why Choose Us
Every customer is importany to us!

HABS is all about understanding the individual demands of our clients from initial engagement right through on boarding. Our specialist team has highly effective talent matching capability that is providing highest penetration of candidate reach in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire & London. We believe that the war for talent is not only sourcing the top talent but it is about developing right connections and placing people with right skills in right place at right time. Therefore, we encompass entire human resource circle which allow us, our clients and business industry to manage their work force.